At Kimberlee Diamond and Loan, we specialize in luxury handbags and accessories, including everything from vintage, limited edition handbags to small leather wallets. Our kind staff will gladly evaluate your designer handbags for a fair, honest buyout price or pawn value with low interest rates. Feel free to pay us a visit for a free quote!



ENTRUPY Authentication

We ensure that 100% of all handbags we buy and sell in the store are real and authentic luxury handbags. We are a trusted seller of ENTRUPY, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology used to authenticate luxury handbags. This advanced authentication service uses advanced, microscopic computer vision and accurate, high-quality data to identify whether a handbag is authentic or not.

ENTRUPY Authentication Services

We also offer ENTRUPY Authentication Services, which uses our artificial intelligence machine to determine the authenticity of your handbag. Each authentication comes complete with an ENTRUPY Certificate of Authenticity. Each designer’s rate is specified below.